AP Days return Feb 10 to Mar 9 at Disneyland Park

This February, Disneyland decided to bring back their AP Days but this time at Disneyland Park instead of California Adventures.  It runs daily from 11:00 AM to 8:00 PM  located at the AP Welcome Center at Tomorrowland Starcade.  This time it was geared towards the Electrical Parade that they have brought back for a limited run. It runs nightly now through June 18, 2017.  Each week they would hand out a new button with one of the beloved characters featured in the parade.


Of course , I was going to make a point to get there every week to collect the button.  Along with obtaining the button there was also an opportunity for a photo op with some rare character appearances.  That being said, Disney always had their little twist to throw in there.   One line for buttons, (which was always quick and fast) and one line for people to wait in to get into the photo op area and where they were selling the AP Merchandise (limited edition, of course)

We made a point to check it out on the first Saturday and see how the whole thing was going to be done.  Well it was a mess.  The line to get into the AP area for the photo op started over at the old Captain EO queue line.   It was pretty long but moved pretty fast.   Once you got closer to entering, they would scan your AP pass again so you could enter.   Once inside they had the Electrical Parade photo op that you had to take with your own camera.  There were no cast members there to help out or stop people from walking through your photo.  We should be used to that at a theme park, but this was inside and should have been a controlled environment.


The character photo op was in the back corner (behind this op)  We were unaware that you had to get a fast pass for that.  We headed over to the table to have our passes scanned and the return time was about 3 hours later.  We didn’t want to come back, so we skipped it.

 We did however return the following Saturday and they had changed the EP photo op inside.  They now had it roped off and a cast member photographer was there to take your photo.  They also had a line set up so it was way more organized.  The below photo is one of the ones he took for us on his camera.  Needless to say it was dark and Dave, the professional so wanted to fix his settings, but we know the Disney photographers have to use the settings they are told lol.


Got our fast pass returns this time and it was only an hour later so we left and got something to eat. Upon returning we got right in line and it went fast.  This weeks characters that we got were Prince John and  The Sherriff of Nottingham.  It was a fun photo op


So all in all we returned every week for the button and photo op.  Here are the 4 buttons we received.

We had fun doing this, but it is a commitment when sometimes you just don’t feel like dealing with the crowds.  Yesterday (3/4/17)  was our last trip and the photo op was Liver Lips and friends from Bear Country Jamboree!  They were a lot of fun.


So on side note, in between all  of this, The Red Rose Tavern opened and the obtaining of the rose cup became all the rage.   I was one of the fortunate ones that was able to obtain one, along with tasting the “grey stuff” which to me was not delicious but was just ok.

We had 4 busy Saturdays in a row on our mission to get these buttons and the rose cup.  Granted, I made a solo trip the 3 weekend because Dave had a busy weekend with shooting at the Oscars, but it was ok because he probably would have gone crazy waiting in a 1.5 hour line for a cup.

 I was also able to capture these photos while waiting in line for the cup –  Have to say Gaston was pretty entertaining

So until next time, that is Cindy’s Spin.

 Thanks for reading.


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